Jambu Footwear Brand Launch

Jambu Footwear is an up and coming shoe brand that has great products but needed something to stand for. When they came to us, Jambu was nothing more than a bunch of product catalogs. "Life's a Journey" was launched in Spring 2014 and introduced Jambu as a brand. This was more than an ad campaign for the company and its fans, this gave them something to stand for beyond shoes. And it worked great, because a couple of months after launch, sales and engagement soared and resulted in Jambu's biggest quarter ever. Jambu's embraced "Life's a Journey" as a campaign and as a new company moto. Here's what they stand for now: Jambu empowers people to love their journey through life. Let the plan be not to have a plan. Embrace every path. Explore those inevitable twists and turns. Grab opportunities and seize the moment. Live the memories you want to remember. Reach higher. Dig Deeper. Life's a Journey... Enjoy it together

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