Madison Browne Fellowship Branding

Task: Rebrand Madison’s Browne Fellowship (MBF) What is MBF? Madison's Browne Fellowship (MBF) is a non-profit organization backed by Deutsch Inc. and created by diverse advertising professionals. MBF is on a mission to redefine diversity and establish a new culture that unites creative communities because they believe diversity is bigger than color and creed. This movement is a community-driven effort that finds innovative ways to engage, connect and inspire. Solution: In early 2012, they announced a rebranding competition and I jumped on it. I created a brand identity that fellows and members can relate to. The colors represent the different people from different backgrounds "coming together" to support diversity in our industry. I won the competition and now sit on the board of the organization. I also joined the organization shortly after that as an executive board member and Creative Director. Since then, the organization grew significantly. Through the work we do and the conversations we start at conferences like ADCOLOR, The 3% Conference and the 4As, we were able to directly contribute to increasing diversity in the advertising industry.

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