NimbleTV Product Launch

Assignment: Startup Product Launch What is it: NimbleTV is a subscription based cloud service that lets you access your Live TV from any device, anywhere in the world as well as record unlimited shows in the cloud. It's really the future of TV. Pretty cool, huh? Task: Give a name to the service. Determine the look and feel. Explain what the product does and how to get started. Process: After we determined the name and brand identity, I was in charge of the first wave of creative to introduce the product. I created the “What is NimbleTV” video as well as the website to sign up for the service. This soft launch got a lot of response from the media and blogs worldwide. NimbleTV facebook page—which we were also in charge of—went from having 300 followers to 20,000+ overnight. They now have 230,000 followers and counting. Contribution: Art Direction, Design, Video Production

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How it works video.
Winner at ABA Awards in PR/Tech Category.
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