My name is Mariam Mouna Guessous, but you can call me Mar. Mar also means "sea" in Spanish (one of the four languages I speak) and it's perfect, because water is my favorite element. 
I am an artist and creative director with over a decade of experience in the advertising industry. I've been working independently as a consultant and freelance creative as well as tending to my small business for the past few years; and I'm now ready to share my creative magic with brands and companies with a mission.
I am very passionate about diversity, wellness and social good and have been a leader and advocate since I can remember. I have extensive experience working within large advertising agencies, organizations and small businesses. 

I'm a leader, nurturer and fierce communicator.

I believe brands should be in service to their consumers and to the planet and this should be reflected in their products, branding and communications. And I'm here to contribute to that.
There's more to say but I'm going to stop here. 
I look forward to connecting: feel free to drop me a note to talk, co-create and collaborate in any way.
Thanks for stopping by!

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