This is my tribute to New York City, and more specifically, the dreams that bring people to this concrete jungle. To me, the Empire State Building represents the “New York City Dream”. New Yorkers are busy bees running around Manhattan in all directions. They tend to get tired and jaded throughout the years. I was becoming one of them but then I looked up one day and saw the Empire State Building and realized—Fuck. I’m in NY! That moment reminded me of my dream and why I moved here in the first place. During the year of 2013, I wanted to remind myself everyday of my New York City dream, so I started taking pictures of the ESB and kept going for 365 days. The result is a NYC story told through its most famous building and next up is a series of New Yorkers dreams paired up with everyone of the 365 pictures.

#81 : The end.
#153 : Rainy Day.
#246 : Photobomb. 
#167: Dark night.
#249 : City of lights.
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