Feminism is for EVERYONE

The reality is, most people are feminists by definition but don't admit it. The problem is, people associate feminism with negativity and anger due to the stereotypes associated with it and most of those people still don't know the actual definition of Feminism. What I wanted to do is redefine Feminism as an extension of Human Rights and invite the world take another look at Feminism and its definition. Later on, we invited people to Add Feminism to the list of things they believe in through our ADD FEM campaign.

The 3% Conference, Vitamin W and Miss Representation asked the creative community for help in
"Rebranding Feminism". The main task was to make Feminism positive, inclusive and relevant to everyone.
I realized that the issue with Feminism is that many people don't quite understand its definition, so instead of "Rebranding" it, I decided to simply redefine it.
I created a poster manifesto that simply redefines it in a way that everyone can understand and relate to. 

Here is my entry and also the competition winner.

Just ADD Feminism
Just ADD Feminism was the perfect campaign follow up to the poster.
It is all about removing the stereotypes associated with the word and embracing it as what it is:
Equality of the sexes. Which is essentially, equality for all.

Following the poster's success, we created JustADDFeminism.com, a place where anyone can use their voice by taking a pledge to add Feminism to the list of things they believe in.

The site launched in April through a panel discussion led by Deutsch CEO, Val DiFebo. Since then, hundreds of men and women from all over took the pledge and showed that Feminism is indeed for everyone.

Check it out:

Help spread the word by sharing the poster or better yet, 
take the pledge and ADD Feminism to your list. Because Feminism is for everyone.

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